Documental Sonic Sea

ECOBAC (ecology and conservation of whales A.C.) with the support of the coordination of Movie Picnic brings to Puerto Vallarta the award-winning documentary, with more than 20 laurels in various Film Festivals, Sonic is.

Sonic is a documentary about the devastating effects of industrial noise and the military in the whales and other marine species of the ocean.

The film explores the fundamental role of sound in the sea and the dramatic changes and sudden that human activity causes in the delicate habitat acoustic of the ocean.

No you can not lose.



21 December – 28 December and 3 January


Places of projection

21 December – Beach of the Holly – “The Oasis of Holly”

December 28 – Arches of Malecon –

3 January – Playa de los Muertos – “Sapphire Ocean Club”