First International Sculptors Forum, Puerto Vallarta 2017

Arrives to Puerto Vallarta the first International Sculptors Forum 2017, from the 13th to the 26th of November, with which our city will be open the way to this important branch of the fine arts, ensure that the forum came to stay.

With this, Puerto Vallarta seeks to enrich the artistic patrimony as well as contribute to improve the quality of our appreciated port. Now our visitors will be able to appreciate a treasure more inside our house.

The event in charge of cargo Kemal TURFN and is expected to receive around 11 sculptors of international prestige, who will be able to collaborate with students of the degree in arts of the University of the coast, using as main material the steel.

The place that will have the sculptures will be different points of Puerto Vallarta as main squares, known neighborhoods and public spaces in general, in order to show the beauty of art.

Without a doubt this great event will not only leave an undoubted experience in all the participants, but will leave in Puerto Vallarta a little more art that adorns each one of our most important corners.

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