Fury racer Puerto Vallarta

Furia de arrancones Puerto Vallarta is an event created and promoted by the Guero Baikas, Person popular in Puerto Vallarta known especially for being the promoter of extreme events of high category. Among these events we have the trocas monster in the 2013 and xtreme riders in the 2014. In this occasion presents us with an event full of adrenaline and speed starring runners from all over the country specialists in car engines in 8 cylinders, cars altered specifically to run at speeds above lso 200 km/h.

We also presents the show star of Juan Cantú “The Arab Jr” from the city of Monterrey Nuevo Leon. Juan Cantú champion is current national in speed with jet dragster to more than 400 km/h. brings us a spectacle accompanied by his jet dragster “The Majestic” and all his team and full production which occupies around 20 linear meters.

The event will take place at the Sport Ranch Vallarta, heading to Colorado after the village of the Desembocada. The date is the next 17 and 18 June 2017, a special date since the 18 of June is the day of the Father, so that “come and live the day of the father in fury of arrancones Puerto Vallarta!” This is the slogan of the campaign of the event.

The area of the Sport Ranch Vallarta has large spaces where enormous trees provide cool shade, will also with stands, tents, public baths and sale of food and beverages. The cost of entry into pursuit is $150 pesos adults and $80 pesos children. The day of the event at the box office the price will be $180 pesos adults and 100 pesos children. Then we left the contacts and fan page for more reports.

Sale of tickets to the numbers:
322 102 3386
322 236 3957
322 115 1591
322 200 8892

Facebook: @FuriaDeArranconesPuertoVallarta
Link to Facebook fan page: http://bit.ly/2ra3CWc