Los Muertos Beach

The Los Muertos Beach has 3 legends:
A legend tells that many years ago in this beach arrived the pirates to disembark and to steal what they could in this port and to take advantage of the inhabitants and had consistently battles, but on one occasion was a much larger, according to the legend that is matched to a war and as in this battle many people had died and pirates, Put los Muertos Beach.
Another legend has it that this beach was a cemetery and when you populated the city took that to build another away from the city and the name is i am so by the cemetery that had at that time.
The third legend mentions that a long time ago when Puerto Vallarta was only a small port pirates came to hide their treasures, but a day of full moon, the captain who was the only one who knew where he was the treasure he could no longer remember, and all their wealth buried, to see that there was nothing, control the other pirates to search. After long hours a good pirate found a great fortune, was the treasure. The view that it was too did not want to share it, after all the pirates clung fighting for the booty, according to the legend Nobody survived and to see so many dead called Los Muertos Beach
Have more veracity the second legend because yes know that this area was a cemetery truly. With the passing of the years and when the population began to grow and began to see that it is a tourist area people started to build their restaurants and hotels. It is said that to be building were corpses, therefore create more true that outside a cemetery.
The Los Muertos beach is located to the south of Puerto Vallarta, this surrounded by the streets Basilio Badillo, Manuel M. Diegues, Amapas and Rodolfo Gomez. Visitalas and enjoys a wonderful walk under the sun