Old Town Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, a village full of color, culture and traditions, is without doubt the best place to spend an amazing holiday and a good time with our family and loved ones.

In a piece of land by rivers inhabited initially by crocodiles, leading to the ocean, accompanied by lush vegetation of the Sierra Madre Occidental, would be what it is today Puerto Vallarta, previously called Puerto Las Peñas.

The history of marketing and the recognition of the well-known place in a home as Puerto Las Peñas, begin to forge thanks to a lanchero of name Guadalupe Sanchez Torres, originating of Cihuatlán, Jalisco, with just 19 years of age, was responsible for transporting salt from San Blas or the Marías Islands until the beach the dead by third parties, tired of waiting for the conveyors which reflected the load, who most of the times spent whole days to arrive, decided to settle in that place forming the first family nucleus, bautizándolo as the crags of Santa Maria de Guadalupe, although at the end of accounts would be as “Puerto Las Peñas”.

It is said that among the founders were Guadalupe Sanchez, as the first chief family established in the area of the Peñas; Cenevio jewel, Francisco Montenegro, Apollonius of Robles, Fulgencio Guevara, Cleophas Peña, Martin Andrade, Francisca Plazola and Ramón Macedo.

Time later, would be integrating more families coming from places relatives as the are San Sebastian west, Mascota and Cuale.

Within the commercial activities to be practiced in the municipality of Puerto Vallarta, were mining, agriculture, livestock and fisheries.

It was until the 31 of May of 1889, Puerto Las Peñas would leave this name to go to what we now know as Puerto Vallarta, winning a large number of inhabitants and a greater flow of trade. From now on, Puerto Vallarta would be gaining more communication with the outside world, opening step to communications, contact with other neighboring municipalities, cities, abroad and even in the film industry, being location of recognized movies as are the Night of the Iguana, predator, without limits, among many others.

Puerto Vallarta has had several renovations in his facade, like the Malecon, the park Hidalgo, the park Lazaro Cardenas and the now famous pier of the dead, considered as one of the springs more beautiful in the world. Without a doubt, Puerto Vallarta has grown considerably in architecture, tourism, gastronomy, taking the lead with the rest of the world and offering the best to our visitors.

Visit our city and know the beauty of Mexico.