Puerto Vallarta is founded in 1851

Puerto Vallarta is founded in 1851, with the name of the Rocks, before the need of the mining towns in the sierra of having a port in front of the Bay of Banderas by which receive and send goods and inputs of all kinds. Your first name is due to a geographic accident: the peñas, popularly known as “Los Arcos”, that seem to emerge from the sea facing Mismaloya.

The privileged location of the Peñas and the abundance of natural resources with which the region was favored made that this population flourish the Trade during their first 60 years of life.

By this human settlement passed toward the mining towns in the municipalities of San Sebastian, PET and Talpa de Allende groceries, tool, machinery, clothes, furniture, wines, luxury items… come from overseas and landed here, to then be transported, in loins of recuas de Arrieros, toward the centers of mining production and cities of the sierra.

The salt, the main input for the mining, disembarked here from the Marías Islands and other points of production, and here was saw up. Likewise, there was a return path, with shipments of gold and silver, according to indications, to be shipped in Los Muertos Beach and other points adjacent to Port The Peñas.

The economy revolved around the marketing of regional resources: precious woods and tintóreas, coquito oil, chilte, skins of wild animals and livestock, pearls, shark and skins of lizard. The traded flourished and underpinned the economy during the first third of the history of this population.