September 16

The choice of this date is no accident. The so-called Grito de Dolores was held on 16 September early.

September is known as the month of the fatherland because in it converge noteworthy historical dates: the anniversary of the birth of Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez (September 5), that of Nicolas Bravo (September 10) and the José Ma. Morelos (30 September); the sacrifice of the martyrs of the San Patricio battalion (12 September); the exploits of the Niños Héroes (13 September), the first interpretation of the Mexican national anthem and the incorporation of Chiapas to the Mexican Federation (14 September); Iturbide’s triumphal entry and Trigarante army to the city of Mexico, and the anniversary of a decision the Granaditas Alhondica, etc.

of course most relevant dates are the 15 and 16 September, when the President of Mexico leads the ceremony of the cry and then presides over the military parade, a tradition that like our people How is confirmed with the assistance of crowds that flock to the avenues by where are the armed forces and finally in the Zocalo, where the Chief Executive, Supreme Commander of the Mexican army, reviews troops and receives confirmation of loyalty to the homeland of our militia.

The choice of this date is no accident. He called cry of Dolores had place the 16 of September to early hour, to the foot of the parish of the cure Miguel Hidalgo and rib, the father of it pariah, who playing it campaign of “San Jose” located in the Tower East of the temple, called to the village to the rebellion. With him were, from the beginning of the fight, Ignacio Allende and Juan Aldama, important warlords that should not be ignored by mistake.

Already with people armed with hoes and sticks, the nascent Army went to prison where freed prisoners unjustly locked up and then the insurgents went to del Bajio where they began fighting, but not before taking as flag a banner with the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

The military parade, as it commemorates the start of this heroic feat to which were added Indians, Creoles, mestizos, blacks… the castes which were the product of a terrible social injustice that prevailed during the Spanish reign. The army grew as the villages, towns and cities were being released from the colonial yoke, as they headed to the city of Mexico.

El grito

Although is awarded to Porfirio Diaz the home of the ceremony commemorative by the cry of independence of Mexico, coinciding this date with your birthday (15 of September), all seems indicate that it first time in which held a tribute to the father of the homeland, by the home of the fight insurgent was in a building known as he Spire , in Huichapan, Hidalgo, exactly 200 years ago, on September 16, 1812. The organizer of this festival was the general Ignacio López Rayón (1773-1832), who was Secretary of Hidalgo.

The celebrations began at dawn with a volley of artillery and a general return of Becerril. Then Lopez Rayon assisted with your escort and a company of grenadiers to a mass; then he went to a “Serenade, competing with each other two musics, (which) played several selected parts with H.E. taste and satisfaction of the audience”.

Understanding the importance of preserving the historical memory, the cure José María Morelos y Pavón, in article 23 of the document known as “Feelings of the nation”, in a speech at the Congress of Chilpancingo, said: “that also are solemnizing 16 September every year as the day anniversary when rose the voice of independence and our freedom santa began therefore in that day was that deployed the lips of the nation to claim their rights with sword in hand to be heard; remembering always the merit of the big hero, Mr Don Miguel Hidalgo and his mate Don Ignacio Allende.”

Consummate after independence in the Constitution of Apatzingán, was declared September 16 as national holiday, measure that it was ratified by the Constituent Congress of 1822 and 1824, however, it was not until 1825 when for the first time took the character of national holiday on September 16 and the Government of the city of Mexico published a bando to ask citizens to illuminate their homes , windows and decorating the balconies with curtains, streamers and pennants.

The first President, Guadalupe Victoria, whose real name was José Miguel Ramón Fernández Félix (1786-1843), began the custom of receiving diplomats every September 16 as the home relations with the United Kingdom, United States, Central America and the Gran Colombia; also, on that date, the official received civil and ecclesiastical corporations. Took place after a procession that arrived at the National Palace. In the afternoon was a walk in the Mall and had dances of slats.

As part of independence day celebrations, the 17 September days used to celebrate a solemn mass in the Basilica of Guadalupe dead heroes, according to Luis González Obregón concerns it, but this tradition disappeared with the reform laws.

The tradition.

The habit has been shaping this party so there is not a written Protocol, however compliance with stipulated by the law that governs the use of the symbols patriotic.

During the ceremony of the cry, Presidents evoke Mariano Matamoros, Galeana, mine, Vicente Guerrero and Guadalupe Victoria or Leona Vicario, but has also come to include leaders and revolutionaries like Francisco. I. Madero or Emiliano Zapata, and in the States, local heroes; for example, Emilio González Márquez, Governor of Jalisco, Guadalajara 2011 mentioned Jose Antonio master Torres Pedro Moreno, Marcos Castellanos, and Rita Moreno Perez.

The great novelty of this 2012, after four years, was that the ceremony of the cry in Morelia, Michoacán, after the cowardly attacks against the civilian population were perpetrated by a group of drug traffickers.