Taco Fest PV

Within which identifies us Mexicans there is one that stands out in a very special way, the taco. Made from corn tortilla the taco is a traditional dish of Mexico that puts diversity of ingredients and flavors in a single piece, grilled, marinated, grill, fish, shrimp, pork, many and delicious recipes of Mexican cuisine, accompanied by an exquisite hot sauce and not as spicy, pico de gallo or just a bit of avocado.
Without doubt, you cannot ignore the enjoy this delicious and peculiar way of enjoying part of our gastronomy.

Fredys Tucan invites you to the already famous Fair of the Taco in Puerto Vallarta, for the second consecutive year. Acompanos this September 16 at the park Lazaro Cardenas from 04:00 in the afternoon.
Free admission!