Thanksgiving is one of the most popular celebrations in the United States; so much so that is known throughout the world and in fact has come to export to some countries adapting this party to its own history or simply dedicate a special dinner at one of the most important moments in American history.

A large table full of food, topped with a turkey, and a family sitting to dinner to thank is the image that many of us have day Thanksgiving or ‘Thanksgiving’ and marks for many the advance the celebration of Christmas.

Considered one of the original American parties, to understand its conclusion we have to travel in the history to 1620 with the first pilgrims who traveled from England to America on the Mayflower and landed at Plymouth. These pilgrims fleeing the constraints of the Church of England and also of poverty, and are regarded as the first immigrants in North America.

Upon arrival, you are greeted amicably by the native Indians of Massachusetts and share with the newcomers, their knowledge of the crops in this land, in addition to teaching hunting and cure meat of animals in the area. Because of this fall 1621 when the settlers came, they decided to invite the natives to celebrate the harvest and to thank them for everything they had been taught. The relationship between the two sides seemed friendly or at least this is what we read in the history books that tell the origin of which is perhaps the most popular culture rooted in US tradition. After surviving the passage of a hard winter and the fact that having an abundant harvest, the Pilgrims held a dinner to which they invited the Native Americans to those who wished to thank them for their help.

Celebaración this first Thanksgiving lasted several days when Indians and Pilgrims shared food, drink and fun. The party gave way to keep it as a tradition and although originally was something to give thanks for the harvest achieved soon became something almost religious, with family gatherings around the table giving thanks to God for what we have achieved in life or throughout the year. Currently that’s the way or way to celebrate Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving. A festival held in late November (the fourth Thursday) with a special dinner with loved ones and those who give thanks not only for crops but for everything you have in life.