The most beautiful celebration

May arrives and with this month comes the most beautiful celebration, Mother’s Day. This date has its roots in ancient Greece in honor of Rhea, known as ‘Mother of the Gods’. It was not until May 10, 1913, after years of campaign and social struggle by Anna Jarvis, that the final resolution was issued. It was President Woodrow Wilson who decreed that Mother’s Day would be held in the United States on the second Sunday of each May. The idea came to Europe and almost 40 countries worldwide started celebrating. In some cases it was designated a specific day to carry it out, as in Mexico, where the May 10th is dedicated to this celebration.

In Mexico its very common to shower moms with flowers and gifts. In Puerto Vallarta, we invite you all to Fredys Tucan to pamper them with over 70 delicious dishes in our menu. Such as Juanita Banana, a golden brown waffle adorned with banana, whip cream and nuts.