Trasporte urbano de puerto vallarta
Puerto Vallarta is known for the friendliest city in our Mexico, its geographical location you can enjoy different climates, cobblestone streets and friendly people make Vallarta the spoiled tourist destination.

If you are new in town or visitor, this advice will be a great help because Puerto Vallarta is a city where everything is nearby, move you in urban transport is great, and no way of getting lost, because there are several lines transport, however the blue line (blue Bus) and the green line (green Bus), these two media do a tour of Old Vallarta, or better known as romantic zone to each of the populations;

transporte urbano puerto vallarta
Pitillal, Ramblases, Versalles, Las juntas, Ixtapa, etc, and returning back to its starting point, so if your parts anywhere in the City and want to visit Fredys Tucan Restaurant, all transport can take you to Fredys Tucan, to only a block away find 245 Basilio Badillo street corner IL Vallarta, Col. E. Zapata, any driver can tell you that you get off at Fredys Tucan and will gladly inform your destiny where you will find all the flavor and the personal attention our visitors deserve.


With over 50 different dishes and a wide variety of tropical drinks every day we wait from 9:00 hrs to 14:00 hrs on Basilio Badillo Center.

With pleasure!!




Transporte urbano en puerto vallarta

Transporte urbano en puerto vallarta