XI Festival Vallarta Azteca del Folclor Internacional

An annual event organized by Folkloric Group Vallarta Aztec CECYTE Jalisco, with the support of municipal government and various public and private institutions, involving national and international groups of folk dancing.

The aim of the festival is to create bonds of peace and twinning between groups and participating countries, as well as provide performances of great artistic level for the citizenship of Puerto Vallarta and for our visitors. It is a feast of colors, music and traditions, in which you can know the world through the dance.

Participate more than 600 dancers of 10 national groups of the most important in the country and 5 international organizations in various stages across the city.

This event is supported by the International Council of Organizations of festivals of Folklore and Traditional Arts (CIOFF), Agency partner of UNESCO.

Shall be effected from 27 April to 07 May, 2017

For more information:
Juan Antonio Salcedo Padilla
322 111 9277
Vallarta Azteca@hotmail.com