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5 types of flour to cook at home

Freddy's Tucan
Mar. 15, 2022

Flours with which you can experiment to make gluten-free reportage and crispier breaded. Which ones do you have in the cupboard?

The other day she was reading an article about how the consumption of flour has skyrocketed in various parts of the world, during the coronavirus contingency. In that same text, the journalist explained that families have become fond of homemade pastries and bakery. I would like to add (without any scientific basis) that a piece of bread always has a pampering effect, which makes us feel good.

Are you identifying yourself? If so, perhaps you would like to try your recipes with other types of flour, beyond wheat and corn. Here are some you can experiment with:


You can make it yourself at home with oat flakes and the help of a blender or processor. It’s super easy and cheap. The result is a fine powder, which can be consumed by most gluten-intolerant people (provided there is no cross-contamination) and is commonly used in confectionery.

almond flour

This flour can be made from grinding almonds. Among its characteristics we would like to highlight that it is among the most used in low carbohydrate and keto diets; It can be used to replace wheat flour in preparations or even make tortillas.

coconut flour

This type of flour, made from coconut pulp, is characterized by being gluten-free and a source of protein, fiber and healthy fat. It can be used to cook sweet treats, such as pancakes and cakes, although most of the time you will have to use an egg.

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