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¿Do you know the Romeritos?

Nov. 24, 2021

In our last post we talked about Mixiotes, a traditional Mexican food. Following the same topic, today we will talk about another typical dish of our culture, the Romeritos, you know them right? Christmas is coming and with it come the Romeritos. If you don’t know them, you better do it now. We will tell you everything you need to know about the Romeritos.

Where do the Romeritos come from?

Romeritos are an herb called quelite, whose name derives from the Nahuatl quilitl, which means “edible herb”. Since pre-Hispanic times, the Aztecs already used these herbs to prepare their meals, since in addition to their flavor, they were known for their beneficial properties for the body.

It is known that it was in colonial times that the recipes of Romeritos with dried shrimp, dried shrimp pancakes, or cod began to be prepared. It was also in those years that it was established as a traditional Christmas dish. It is said that the religious had the custom of keeping vigil on December 24, although in order not to be so hungry, they ate romeritos, which, being a dish without meat, fit perfectly with their tradition. Although to improve the flavor they added mole poblano, which would accompany the turkey of the Christmas meal.

Did you know the properties of Romeritos?

  • They arehigh in fiber, which helps the digestion process
  • They contain iron, which keeps muscles strong, helps prevent cognitive disorders and strengthens the immune system
  • They have vegetable protein, which helps cells, muscles and organs
  • Contain vitamin A and C, which helps maintain healthy skin and eyesight, and strengthens the immune system

We tell you how to prepare it

At Christmas dinner, the most characteristic dish that cannot be missing in any Mexican table is a dish of romeritos. Unlike other chelites, romeritos are not eaten raw. The most common way to eat them is in ‘revoltijo’, a dish characteristic of Christmas and Lent, which combines them with mole, cactus and shrimp.

Now you know what they are and how to prepare them. If you are going to spend Christmas in our lands, then you must try this delicious dish. To try other exquisite Mexican foods, you can see our menu and order what you like the most.



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