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Differences between chicharron and chicharron prensado 

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Sep. 16, 2022

Do you know the difference between Mexican chicharron and chicharron prensado? No? Don’t worry! At Fredy’s Tucán we are ready to answer all your questions, from their origins and similarities to everything they do not share.

Keep on reading to answer this article’s most pressing question: what is chicharron? And see how it differs from chicharron prensado.

What is chicharron?

What is chicharron?

The origin of chicharrón is closely linked to the history of the Afro-descendant population that was brought to America by the conquerors, in colonial times. They used to raise pigs, so after becoming independent they dedicated themselves to pig farming in most rural areas.

Historically, chicharrón can be traced to the Dominican Republic, in Santo Domingo, between the Isabela and Ozuma rivers. Initially, the idea was to rescue the fat, so, when cooking, the fried skin distilled all the butter, which was later stored.

The latter is, in fact, Mexican chicharrón: pork skin fried in its fat. It is a very popular snack that has become fashionable even in high-protein diets, since it can be stored for long periods of time, without the need for refrigeration.

On the other hand, if the pork skin is eaten raw, it is not called Mexican chicharrón, but “cueritos”.

What is chicharron prensado?

What is chicharron prensado? 

Chicharron prensado is a preparation derived from traditional chicharron, where small pieces of pork meat are parboiled with the fried skin, but seasoned with herbs or nitro salt, which cause that characteristic reddish color. Afterward, it is drained and pressed to remove excess fat.

This stew is the star of many regional dishes, accompanied by the traditional tortillas, beans, and vegetables that have made Mexican gastronomy the world icon it is today.

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