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Breakfast and lunch are the most important meals of the day, that’s why they must be good, nutritious and delicious, and that’s exactly what we offer here.

If you are a routine person, who always has the same breakfast, we want to help you to vary a little with our offers of 50% OFF and different dishes per day. Otherwise, if you are someone who has a hard time thinking about what to eat every day, we offer you this solution, and best of all, with 50% OFF, remember that the discount applies only for ONLINE ORDERS.

See below our menu of daily dishes and place your order now.

Let every meal be enjoyable.

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Order dish of the day
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1. Add at leat one dish to the cart
2. Click on: I have a coupon
3. Introduce the Promo Code and enjoy your food

Take a look of our daily meals and make your order

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