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French Toast: A Journey in Time

Freddy's Tucan
Feb. 23, 2022

Who doesn’t love French Toast?  Those fluffy, buttery, sweet squares of glory that make your day time and again throughout the year…  Exactly, the good classic French Toast recipe which will never disappoint you.  

But hey, let’s get a bit into history, where did this morning classic originate from?  We all seem to think it is a French invention due to its name, but the earliest record of this meal dates back to the 5th century AD.  An early collection of recipes was found from the times of the Roman Empire containing the golden formula for this type of treat.  In more recent history, the same recipe appeared in different countries but under very different names. 


Although the basic preparation of French toast is the same, it can be served in many different presentations.  It has an incredible versatility as it can be accompanied with a variety of fruit, toppings, and sweet extras.  Some people just like it plain with maple syrup and brown sugar, while others like to get fancy and add strawberries, nuts, and different types of pastry creams.  

At Fredy’s Tucan Puerto Vallarta we offer regular French toast and French toast with seasonal fresh fruits.  Both options have been embraced by our large clientele over the years.  And, most importantly, this breakfast option can be included in our latest promotion when you order online, either through the app or website:GET A $100 Pesos DISCOUNT ON YOUR PURCHASE OF $250!!! THAT’S RIGHT, A 40% DISCOUNT JUST FOR USING OUR APP TO ORDER THE GOOD FOOD YOU LIKE… WHAT ARE YOU HAVING TODAY?


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