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Mexican fish tacos: a delicacy of the coast

Freddy's Tucan
Jun. 17, 2022

Mexican creativity can be seen in everything from decorations for parties, the use of language, and even in the kitchen, with creations so delicious and celebrated as are the fish tacos, a delicacy originating from the coast. 

Although in the past this tasty dish could only be seen in places with a beach, thanks to internal migration and cultural exchange between states, today its coverage in the national territory is much greater, and they are available almost anywhere. 

History of Mexican fish tacos

Tacos de pescado: un manjar de la costa mexicana

It is said that the acclaimed dish was made for the first time back in the 1960s, in a market in Ensenada called “Black Market”, where all kinds of marine species were found, from common fish to lobsters, shrimp and abalone, some even of prohibited sale or during closed periods. 

In the market, there were several stalls where people cooked and traded the catch of the day. One of them was Mario “El Bachigualato”, who sold the fried fillet of angelito, a shark abundant in the bay, with tortillas on the side as a side delicacy. 

Suddenly, one day, he had the million-dollar idea: put the steak inside the tortilla. And the rest is history. 

From then on, the dish began to gain popularity and grow, with different types of fish and shellfish, in various presentations, with and without sauce, even adding cheese and vegetables. 

Where to try Mexican fish tacos

It is always advisable to eat fresh seafood. Any beach destination is good to try fish tacos, and the experience is something unique if you try them almost at the foot of the sea and with an incredible view of one of the most wonderful landscapes in Mexico, the coast. 

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