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Spring and its flavors of April

Freddy's Tucan
Apr. 4, 2022

Spring is in all its splendor. The afternoons are sunny, the trees full of flowers and the seasonal ingredients juicier and brighter than ever. Take advantage of seasonal flavors in April.

This month invites you to spend the day looking for the ideal ingredients to prepare surprising dishes. Lose fear of the kitchen and dare to surprise your palate with the wonders that the season and the month of April give us. Enjoy!


Chard: It is a great source of iron, its intense flavor gives it away. Being so delicious, do not hesitate to prepare chicken breasts stuffed with chard or its opposite, chard rolls stuffed with chicken.

Garlic: Being the king of the kitchen gives an extraordinary flavor to the dishes, you must know its great history and all its benefits. Enjoy it in some shrimp with garlic mojo, in your favorite recipe or go ahead and bake a garlic bread.

Celery: Excellent for health, so starting the day with a green juice is an incredible idea. You can also make this heart of palm and celery salad and even harvest it at home so you never need it.

Onion: It has a lot of history and tradition, so you should not hesitate to try it roasted with lentils, ideal for a quiet afternoon at home. If you are looking for a light and delicious dinner try a warm pasta with cucumber, onion and herbs. And to give love to the heart, onion soup is the option.

Cauliflower: If you have not tried these roasted vegetables with aioli, go buy the ingredients and prepare them, the cauliflower gives it a very particular and delicious flavor.

Pea: Nothing like artichoke, pea and mint soup, it is completely amazing. Although if you don’t have much time, hot pea soup is perfect to get out of trouble.

Spinach: The benefits of this vegetable are surprising and the number of dishes in which you can combine it even more. Poached eggs with spinach in the morning and a spinach tart with goat cheese in the afternoon. You can prepare a Bolognese lasagna with spinach or some mushrooms stuffed with arugula and spinach pesto and you will steal sighs.

Nopales: Yum! The broad bean soup with nopales is only compared to the traditional nopales salad, which with hot tortillas and a good sauce is perfect.

Potato: We recommend a leek soup with potato, some roasted potatoes with olive oil and rosemary to accompany a salmon burger or if you prefer something lighter, the watercress salad with potato and bacon is wonderful.



Strawberry: Very juicy this season, a chocolate fondue is one of the seasonal flavors in April that you crave in the afternoon. We are fascinated by desserts that you can prepare very easily like a panna cotta or make jams with them. Do not forget the traditional ones with cream and sugar or a delicious lassi. If you look for home remedies, they will help you whiten your teeth.

Mamey: This fruit has incredible properties, go ahead and cook a fruit soup so you can make the most of it.

Mango: The tapioca dessert with mango is super pampering and for the heat preparing a lassi is the option. We recommend you savor the juiciest mangoes in a fruit soup that goes beyond the standards and to feel good, a mango smoothie with Greek yogurt falls from the sky.

Melon: How about a cold melon and mint soup? It is time to go for the ingredients and savor it with an excellent company. This fruit is very good for a healthy breakfast.

Pineapple: Not only is it very juicy and healthy, but it allows us to create many delicious dishes, how about some pineapple skewers with shrimp or some sweet and sour pork ribs? Do not miss the opportunity to prepare the pineapple flip, the pineapple cream with coconut and melon or panna cotta with pineapple.

Pitahaya: This fruit is delicious when it is cold, you can even eat it by the spoonful. A jelly of this fruit is incredible, you can also eat it in cream, in fresh water in jelly and even in tamales. It is the prickly pear that makes way for the others and its season is April.

Banana: Don’t think twice, a vegan bread made with banana is the answer to what you are looking for. A little less healthy but just as delicious, we recommend the banana pancake that has a perfect flavor, and these chocolate covered bananas are sure to bring your spirits back.

Grapefruit: Place this fruit on the grill until it caramelizes, it is a light dessert and super easy to make, you can eat it plain, prepare it as a dressing or eat it plain. In a green juice it is very nutritious.


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