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Mar. 17, 2022

Today it is possible to find avocado in countless dishes and presentations, which gives rise to combos that are extravagant to say the least.

The avocado is undoubtedly one of the pillars of Mexican cuisine and a determining factor of our identity. However, in recent years it has begun to dominate popular culture: the world has finally opened its eyes to its greatness. Today it is possible to come face to face with avocado in many presentations, dishes, varieties, and adaptations, which gives rise to combos that are extravagant to say the least. Which of these presentations would you dare to try?

Milk shake

It may sound strange and not very attractive, but an avocado smoothie or milkshake is something delicious. Accompanied with vanilla and cinnamon, an avocado milkshake is more delicious than you might imagine on first impression. It is worth steeling yourself to discover this little gem.

Ice cream

This ice cream is increasingly easy to find in Mexican ice cream parlors, mainly artisanal. Its freshness and originality have quickly made it a favorite among both connoisseurs and those who are simply looking for a new taste experience.


Bring out your bohemian side with a latte served in an avocado shell. Originating in Melbourne, Australia, inside the Truman Café, just as a joke, this creation quickly gained popularity and we wouldn’t be surprised if it became a true thing in the hipster universe very soon.


This combination is something simple to do at home, since it is enough to add a medium avocado to the traditional pancake batter, just as we could add chocolate or some fruit, to obtain a treat worthy of the Witch of the West herself.


Whether the avocado is used as a decoration, or is an integral part of the mixture, the fusion of chocolate with this fruit is gaining popularity. It is also an idea that you can take up at home, incorporating an avocado into your favorite brownie recipe.


It is well known that anything can be done in a pie, and avocado is no exception. The combination of avocado, cookies, and a generous amount of whipped cream is something that cannot be missed.

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