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This is how Mexicans drink coffee according to the region in which they live

Freddy's Tucan
Apr. 4, 2022

According to a study, coffee is the second most consumed beverage in Mexico, only behind water.

“Usage and attitudes coffeee and soft drinks study”, is the name of this research carried out in Mexico by Kantar Insights Mexico from 2019 to 2020 for Nestlé.

The study revealed that Mexicans drink about 89 million cups of coffee daily throughout the country.

Perhaps this information is not surprising for coffee lovers, because the reality is that this drink has become an essential part of the daily routine of millions of people.

For many, coffee is considered the drink that moves the world and because of its versatility it can be enjoyed in various ways, so everyone can find a style to satisfy their craving.

Do you know how coffee is drunk in the different regions of the country? Here we tell you what this investigation revealed.


In the north, Mexicans like coffee with milk

In the north of the country, 57% of the cups that are prepared are soluble coffee.

Of these, 72% are prepared with milk, which is the highest proportion in the entire country. 80% of people like to sweeten their coffee, either with regular sugar, a substitute, or stevia.

In the Pacific they prefer it sweet

Mexicans living in the Pacific like to sweeten their coffee more than the national average, which is why we found that 83% of the population drinks coffee with some sweetener.

They also prefer soluble coffee in greater proportion than the rest of the country.

63% of the cups are American coffee with milk.

Bread, a sweet companion in the center of the country

The custom of those who live in the center of the country is to accompany coffee with sweet bread.

Here the favorite is the American, which is drunk by 79%.

A curious fact is that in this region people add less milk to their cups, only 45% do so.

Varied taste in the Valley of Mexico

 If we were to focus specifically on the Metropolitan Area and the Valley of Mexico, we could see that there is a more varied taste for drinking coffee.

Of all the Mexican territory, it is where more cappuccinos and lattes are taken.

However, 70% of the time American coffee is drunk. Likewise, it is the place that most whitens its coffee with vegetable milk and 42% of people use powdered creamers.

Opinions divided in the Bajío

The inhabitants of this region mainly like American coffee.

Half of them add milk, the rest prefer it black.

In addition, it is the area of ​​the country where a greater proportion of espresso is consumed.


Black coffee in the south

In the south it is where they use milk in coffee the least, since 57% of people drink black American coffee.

What yes, is that it is the area that they like the most to sweeten it with regular sugar.

Another peculiarity is that in this area they prefer decaffeinated coffee and cold coffee to a greater extent than in the rest of the country.

Other data on coffee consumption in Mexicans

Without a doubt, coffee is such a versatile drink that it can be enjoyed at any time of the day, although Mexicans prefer it for breakfast.

This study also revealed that those who consume the most coffee are Mexicans between 26 and 35 years old.

56 percent of them drink instant coffee and their favorite is American coffee.

Every year, 32.5 billion cups of coffee are drunk in Mexico.

Finally, half of the Mexicans surveyed like to whiten their coffee with a certain amount of milk or powdered cream.

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