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What do we know about chilaquiles?

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Oct. 12, 2021

They are a classic of Mexican gastronomy, one of the most representative dishes of our tradition. In fact, it is the breakfast of choice for most people, because they are cheap, its recipe is simple and, most importantly they are very nutritious. But, have you ever wondered, how much do we know about chilaquiles?

At Freddy’s Tucan we did some research and here we will tell you about it.

First of all, let’s briefly review the recipe: it has pieces of fried corn tortilla cut into triangles, dipped in tomato, onion, garlic and chili sauce and accompanied with chicken, meat, egg and cheese. Simple, right? The sauces and accompaniments may vary depending on which state of México you are in, but the flavor will always be delicious.

¿Que sabemos de los chilaquiles?

The history of Chilaquiles is not very clear, there are certain doubts about its origin and year in which they were prepared for the first time, that’s why we will start with what is certain. Etymologically it is known that the word comes from Nahuatl. It was the historian Ángel María Garibay who explained that the name of this popular Mexican dish comes from chilaquili: chil from “chili” and aquili, from “to be inside of something”, which can be translated as submerged in chile.

As we said, there is not much information about Chilaquiles history, but we have compiled some data to let you know a bit better its origins. The biggest dilemma arises from the fact that historians do not agree on whether chilaquiles are pre-Hispanic or arose later due to the mestizaje in colonial times. The reasons for the differences are that the ingredients (chile and tortilla) are native, but the toppings (onion, cheese and chicken) arrived to our lands by ship from the other side of the Atlantic ocean. What we are sure of, is that in 1821 the first written reference to its existence was made in the recipe book Arte nuevo de cocina y repostería acomodado al uso mexicano of the publishing house Casa de Lanuza Mendía y C. Although it is true that the recipe was slightly different, it is possible that it has evolved over the years.

What do you think of it? Now, when you order Chilaquiles at Freddy’s Tucan, you will know more detail of what you are eating. To place your order click here.

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