The now famous Fredy’s Tucan Restaurant & Bar first opened its doors in 1983, back then it was simply named El Tucan.  It was founded by Don Federico Garcia Valdez, a talented entrepreneur with a great vision and leadership.  He and his brother Rogelio (the original founder of Hotel Posada de Roger) came to this unique paradise in the early 70s, and soon after contributed to the development of Puerto Vallarta in the hospitality and gastronomy sectors.

El Tucan was one of the first restaurants to offer breakfast in Old Town Vallarta and its bar was one of the most popular ones from that period.  It became known as a busy place where tourists and locals gathered to get their favorite drinks and linger over long conversations.

Photo, Fredys Tucan, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, México
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During the year 1993 Federico Garcia Jr. took possession of El Tucan Restaurant & Bar, he had just finished his career and was very enthusiastic about putting his knowledge to use and leaving his mark there.  He was full of energy, dreams, and just wanted to share his creativity with everyone.

Under Federico Garcia Jr., El Tucan Restaurant & Bar took on the name Fredy’s Tucan, which is now known worldwide by the thousands of guests who visit us every year.

In a joint effort, Fredy Garcia Jr. and his family have given shape and essence to the restaurant, taking the necessary time and attention to make every client feel at home, offering them the best quality, good flavor, but more than anything an excellent service.  To this day, they continue to cook delicious meals to please the most demanding palates.

"We create it with passion so you can enjoy it every moment."

Fredy’s Tucan Restaurant & Bar has been growing gradually, keeping up with the high demand from our distinguished clients.  Fredy and his dynamic team work everyday to give to the world a place worthy of their choice.  Because it is not enough to offer a great dish without the full experience that we are known for.

At Fredy’s Tucan everybody is welcome, because we are people taking care of people.

Fluvial, Fredys Tucan, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, México
Fredys Tucan, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, México
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