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Chocolate chip cookies, the delicious mistake of American cuisine

Freddy's Tucan
Apr. 18, 2022

We all know chocolate chip cookies, they emerged 75 years ago and are still the perfect combination of sweet made into a flattened circle.

The woman who invented chocolate chip cookies

The inventor of these magnificent sweet treats was Ruth Graves Wakefield; She, along with her husband Kenneth de Ella, set up a hostel where they accepted travelers going from Boston to New Bedford.

The hostel was called “Toll House Inn”, which became very famous due to the delicious desserts they offered.

According to writer Camila Martínez, John F. Kennedy, actress Bette Davis, activist Eleanor Roosevelt, and boxer Rocky Marcian visited this hostel.

Each and every one of them went to taste the delicious desserts that they prepared in this place, when it was not yet famous for its incredible chocolate chip cookies.

a delicious mistake

The original recipe for the Wakefield cookies was butter cookies with walnuts and chocolate powder, these were accompanied with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

There are two legends that tell the beginning of the creation of chocolate chip cookies.

The first mentions that baker Ruth ran out of nuts to make her traditional cookies, so she went to the cupboard and found a piece of a Nestlé brand dark chocolate bar (this brand will be important to the story).

The other legend mentions that while the cookie dough was being churned, a bar of this same chocolate fell into the mix and by the time Ruth arrived to check on her cookie dough, it was too late and all of this was already combined, so she decided Give it a try and put them in the oven.

But in reality, the most credible theory that Carolyn Wyman describes in her book “Great American Chocolate Chip Cookie Book”, is that Mrs. Wakefield was a dedicated and orderly pastry chef, so there was no room for mistakes in her kitchen, so , Carolyn refers to the fact that the making of the chocolate chip cookie recipe was totally planned.

The recipe and the big company

Over time, Toll House chocolate crunch cookies became extremely popular in New England, and in 1936, Ruth wrote a cookbook.

After this book, her cookies became even more popular, so much so that soldiers in World War II asked their relatives to get them a few chocolate chip cookies.

With this great success, everyone was after the pastry chef’s recipe, however, she was not convinced to sell the recipe. It wasn’t until March 20, 1939 that Andrew Nestlé bought her recipe from her for an incredible $1, but the deal also included unlimited chocolate for her recipes for her lifetime and a contract as a culinary consultant. .

After the purchase, Nestlé managed to print the recipe on each of its chocolate bars and that is how the history of chocolate chip cookies knocks on our doors.

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