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The story behind the enchiladas

Freddy's Tucan
Feb. 6, 2022

We all adore enchiladas and their delightful sauce, which warms our hearts and fills our tummies with pure joy. They are derived from the tortilla, which may be traced back to pre-Columbian Mesoamerican civilizations. This plate, comes directly from the maze, combines a variety of ingredients to create infinite variations.

In Mexican cuisine, enchiladas hold a prominent position in the category of appetizers. There are several variations, such as green enchiladas, Mole enchiladas, Potosinas enchiladas, Placeras enchiladas, or Swiss enchiladas.

Enchilada process varies significantly from region to region, not all are identical. But what we can notice is that some elements are consistent: lightly fried tortillas, stuffed with a protein and dipped in a spicy salsa. Always topped with at least onion slices, cheese, acid cream, lettuce or cilantro.

We’re in love with Enchiladas, we understand where they come from and we celebrate them every time we cook them for you. Our top 5 of Enchiladas are:

  1. Green enchiladas: prepared with a salsa ranchera made from boiled green tomatoes, topped with grilled cheese and covered with cotija cheese and sour cream.  Served with beans and guacamole. Imagine soft chicken meat rolled in tortillas soaked in salsa with just the right amount of spice.
  2. Enchiladas rojas: covered with ranchera sauce, topped with grilled cheese and covered with cotija cheese and sour cream..
  3. Enchiladas suizas: are prepared with green sauce base, filled with chicken and topped with au gratin cheese.


In some restaurants, a mild red salsa based on jitomate is commonly served.

  1. Mole Enchiladas: enchiladas with mole poblano and sesame seeds occasionally.
  2. Potosinas Enchiladas: made with small tortillas, filled with cottage cheese or mashed beans and hot sauce.

We specialize on preparing the best Red and Green Enchiladas, only here at Freddy’s  you can enjoy from the greatest pleasure of eating some warm and delightful enchiladas.

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